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Tunxis Grill has just come into the Newington Area after we have seen a revolving door of restaurants. You may know 2095 Berlin Turnpike as the old 99 or maybe you know it as the old Fat and Happy's or Rivals!  In any event we are happy to report that Tunxis Grill is here to stay folks- 2095 Berlin Turnpike is Tunxis Grill's permanent home!  

    So stay tuned to this page for more restaurant reviews in newington ct! 


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My Two Cents!

 As I mentioned in my video folks this is my website about restaurants in Newington Ct!  As a quick disclaimer I am friends with the owner and have known him for quite awhile.  However with that said- I am friends with a lot of owners in the Newington area that have or operate restaurants!  Tunxis Grill is one of those restaurants that keeps me coming back for more great Food!

  I will tell you this- every time I think that they have come up with some new and innovative creation, they always find a way to top themselves the next time around.  Take for instance their- reuben rolls "yes I said that right folks reuben rolls."  They are a combination of a reuben sandwich and an egg roll mixed into one! Talk about a great appetizer idea!

  They also create unique pizzas that top all of the rest of the pizza restaurants in newington ct!  Take for example their mashed potato pizza.  It is mashed potato base combined with a pizza crust, cheese, garlic and a host of other ingredients that will knock your socks off!  This may be good for people that have acid reflux, like myself, it is perfect as an alternative to newington pizza places that put tons of red sauce on their pizza.  Don't get me wrong- they have regular pizzas too such as the Hawaiian, the Works, Steak and Cheese and a host of others that will appeal to just about everybody!  So make Tunxis your choices for best pizza in newington ct!

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 By the way if you are looking for newington ct restaurants that serve great hamburgers- then Tunxis Grill is for you!  They have a wide variety of hamburgers to choose from.  I know I included a picture of the hamburger in the above article- if that doesn't convince you to come down for a burger I do not know what will.  I have been to many other newington ct restaurants for various hamburgers, but this place takes the first place prize among restaurants on the berlin turnpike.

 Again I am friends with the owner, so my opinion is biased,  I don't think however that the many positive yelp and urban spoon reviews can refute my above video for best restaurants and food in newington ct!  I am going to try to also include some other reviews from folks around town- so stay tuned.  I would also like to get some more reviews  for this website.  So if you are not camera shy and you would like to do a video in the restaurant then contact me!  As I mentioned I would like this website to be as unbiased as possible!  If you would like to just do a written review of restaurants in newington ct- Tunxis Grill you can do that too! Hit me up at restaurantsct@gmail.com.

 Thanks so much for reading this review and if you want to learn more about the owner and other restaurants that he owns, check out the "our story section."  Again thanks for visiting the site and certainly feel free to hit me up or the restaurant  with questions or suggestions! 

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